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This memorial website was created by "Nisaba" in the memory of our Beloved S.A.S. Prince Rainier III De Grimaldi De Monaco who was born in Monaco on May 31, 1923 and passed away on April 06, 2005 at the age of 81. We will remember Him forever.

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Dolor en el alma   / Anna María (Castro)
Cuando el dolor se hace tan evidente, es justo cuando la grandeza empieza a aparecer. Estopy segura que a partir de éste momento la unión familiar y los principios inquebrantables de seres invaluables como la princesa Grace y el Principe Rainiero. ...  Continue >>
EN CETTE DOULEUREUSE CIRCONSTANCE. Veuillez accepter toutes mes condoleances.
My condolences to the Grimaldi Family from the caribbean   / L. B. (None)
To a man that was strong even int he worst moments, to a man that love his country and his family, to a man that loved his wife all his life even that he lost her many years ago, may them be togther with God and may him rest in peace with his beloved...  Continue >>
Beloved Prince   / M. N. G.
Your deep humanity is the most important gift you have given , more than a reign you had a kingdom of love and solidarity. Ever since I read the words written and sent to me in a difficult country, under difficult times, the courage you made me feel ...  Continue >>
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One year old Rainier
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